Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cutting Of Trees - Hosur Road

The Deputy Conservator of Forests

North Division


NR Square

Bangalore 560002

Subject: Protest ? Your notice in Deccan Herald dated 16th May 2009

Dear Sir

This has reference to the subject public notice

This is to register my strong objection at the proposal to cut 375 trees as listed in the advertisement

My objections are based on the following:

1) The period of 1 week mentioned is too short a notice to collect public opinion. It would seem that this notice is to comply with the letter of the law and not the spirit. If as mentioned in the notice that the felling of the trees is inevitable, then what opinion is being sought from the public? However since opinions have been sought from the public, these should be considered before any permission to allow tree felling is considered

2) It has not been communicated if other options have been explored before a decision that has the probability of irreparable damage on the environment. Has any alternatives been considered and more important ? have any suggestions from the public been reviewed ?

3) It would seem logical to plant saplings elsewhere and then fell the trees. The planting should happen before the felling. Development work of this nature has assumedly been planned a long time back. Why the planting can?t be similarly planned? The BBMP does not have a very good track record in this regard. What are the precautions being taken to ensure that the green cover is being replenished?

I therefore strongly protest and urge you to consider the above before granting permission for the felling and please do provide clarification on the above points

Yours Sincerely

Cc: The Chief Conservator of Forests, Karnataka

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